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VM1 Venom bugs

Bugs in Venom-SC are listed here.
No further development will be carried out on Venom-SC for VM1.

Release 2011 09 13 (current)

SymptomExplanation, Workaround and Fix
GraphicsLCD.Update: 'Message to dead object' When a new Window is created on the GraphicsLCD a task swap is allowed to happen before the window is fully initialised, leading to the possibility that an Update message will attempt to use uninitialised data, with a subsequent runtime error.
Workaround: Lock the GraphicsLCD object when creating a new Window.
Fix: In the next release

Release 2010-12-21

SymptomExplanation, Workaround and Fix
Run time errors when using directories in the file systemWhen a directory is created or grown in size, there is a very small chance of the directory becoming corrupted. This is statistically almost impossible for memory card file systems on large capacity cards, but could happen in RAM and flash file systems that have many files in a directory.
Workaround: avoid using directories if you can
Fix: in release 2011 09 13

Release 2009-03-17

SymptomExplanation, Workaround and Fix
TCP listener can hang, failing to accept new connectionsTCP gets stuck in SYN_RECEIVED state, and code designed to timeout after a minute in this state was never executed. The HTTP Protocol (web server) object is typically affected. This only happens under unusual conditions, such as physical disconnection or system crashing while TCP connection is starting up
Workaround: none
Fix: Fixed in release 2010-12-21