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Live VM2 Web Server Demo

The Demo Server

As a demonstration of the VM2's ability to run web server based applications we mounted a VM2 on a standard application board and connected the Ethernet port to our office network. You can access it though our broadband connection on this link:
live web server demo
photo of VM2 based web server


The live web server demonstrates several Venom features and programming techniques:
  • TCP/IP networking
  • Ethernet interface
  • HTTPServer object
  • File System
  • Multi tasking
  • Network Time Protocol
  • Venom Classes
  • HTML and CSS to make a tabbed navigation layout
  • Graphics from a file (the Micro-Robotics logo on each page)
  • Dynamically generated data in a web page
  • HTML forms for user input
  • Cookies for session persistence
  • Viewing its own source code with syntax highlighting done dynamically by Venom code

Note that the VM2 can serve web pages at typical broadband speeds, however the speed you see on the demo may be limited by the speed of our ADSL line, as the page is being sent in the slow ("upload") direction and additionally there may be other traffic on the same connection.