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Free Software Tools for Micro-Robotics Control Systems

Free Software Tools

The Venom Language

Venom was designed to be simple enough that non-programmers will see results quickly, but powerful enough to write sophisticated control systems. To Main Every 1000 [ Print To LCD, "Voltage: ", voltage ] End
The Venom language and supporting operating system is supplied free with all VM2 embedded controllers.

Learn more about the Venom Language
Download Venom e.g. to upgrade your VM2
VenomIDE Free Development Tool

GUI Framework

The GUI Framework is library of graphical elements and an example project, all written in Venom classes, that serves as a base for developing your own Graphical User Interfaces. GUI Framework Learn more about the GUI Framework
View and Download GUI Framework

Code Snippets

We have a page full of code examples illustrating the use of Venom to perform common tasks, e.g. GUI, encryption, PT100, Thermistor, Thermocouple, Serial, File system, Email, HTTP, RSS, GPS, MODBUS/TCP, 2D Array, Firmware Update
You can view the code, and download and modify it to suit your needs.

Code Snippets Page


VenomIDE is a very powerful Windows IDE for developing applications for our 'VM' range of controllers. Syntax highlighting, error detection and built in help make learning Venom easy for new users and speed up the development process for all Venom programmers, and the project management feature simplifies development of large programs that are split into multiple files.

VenomIDE is free to download.

VenomIDE screenshot


  • Language-aware text editor
  • Code project management
  • Visual Designer for displays
  • Font Manager converts and downloads TTFs to use with VGA display
  • Debug terminal
  • Revision control support
Learn more about VenomIDE
Download VenomIDE