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Analogue I/O

The VM2 controller has 19 channels of 12-bit, 0-3.3V analogue input on board. Two of these channels may also be 12-bit, 0-3.3V analogue outputs.

Full support is provided in Venom for the on-board analogue I/O and for devices linked to VM2 via the buses. Typical code would be

  Make my_input Analogue ($30)   ;Declare analogue input on channel $30
  my_reading := my_input.Value   ;Read the input into a variable

External Analogue Devices

Additional Analogue inputs and outputs may be added to the VM2 using the I2C Bus, the SPI Bus, or by other means.

Analogue ICs currently supported are

  • AD7998: 12-bit 0-5V analogue, 8 channel input
  • MAX1236 and MAX1238: 12-bit 0-5V analogue, 4/12 channel input

Additionally, Venom allows you low-level control of the I2C Buses and SPI bus so you can write a driver for virtually any device.