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Feb 2017

V# - A New Programming Language for Embedded Systems

Key Features of V#

Micro-Robotics is developing a new programming language for real time embedded systems.

Named "V#" (V sharp) and based on Microsoft's C# language, it combines:

  • Object oriented programming
  • Automatic garbage collection
  • Real Time operation

Solving the Garbage Collection Problem

In most languages there is a conflict between garbage collection and real time operation. V# includes a new mechanism enabling regions of a program to operate with real time performance with simple restrictions on the creation and copying of objects within those regions.

A more detailed discussion on how this is done can be found here: V# Language web site.

Venom2 Support

V# will not be ready for a while yet, but even then we will continue to provide and support the Venom2 language on the VM2 controller family for as long as it is required.

Programming Tools

Micro-Robotics is developing a complete set of tools to develop programs in V# to run on the VM2 controller, including:
  • An IDE (similar to VenomIDE) with the V# compiler built in
  • A 'runtime' system, loaded into the controller (e.g. VM2) to run the code generated by the V# compiler
  • A library of built-in classes whose code is embedded in the VM2 firmware

Learning V#

V# syntax is virtually identical to the popular C# language developed initially by Microsoft.

C# is itself based on C, the most popular language used in hard real time embedded systems. C# programmers will immediately feel at home using V#, and C programmers will be familiar with a lot of the syntax.

Even complete newcomers to will be able to use the large amount of C# resources available online to answer many V# questions.